Sell Or Stay In Your Home This Spring?

Sure, there are reasons to sell, but also consider the reasons to stay.  This article from MSN Real Estate talks about both sides of an important decision – sell or stay put?

Clearly, the decision to sell can depend on a variety of factors.  Keep in mind, that if you sell your Charlotte home, you’ll likely pay more this year for your next home.  We are seeing high demand this buying season and some neighborhoods in Charlotte are seeing a substantial rise in prices.

Also, you may have tried to sell your home a couple of years and couldn’t get the price you wanted.  Now, it may be a different picture.  There are buyers in the Charlotte market – and in most areas, there are more buyers than homes available!

So, if you decide to sell, think clearly about the ‘right’ price in a more active market.

It’s coming on the spring home selling season, the most active period of the year for single home titles changing hands, and this year the outlook for home-sale growth is up across the board. Single-family homes, townhouses and condominiums are all expected to see stronger sales in 2014.

Many homeowners now have to ask themselves: Sell or keep their homes?

The answer involves everything from downsizing — a huge issue since the recession — to job stability, divorce, age of children and retirement.