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Home Interior Trends: 10 Top Looks For 2014

Here are some home interior trends for 2014 from baths to bedroom to kitchens to outdoor spaces.  These trends are important because they seem to be driven by what buyers ‘desire’ in their new home.  So, take a look at the list and add any that you would like to see!

There it stands. The old, dependable night table. The one that supports your bulging lamp, your alarm clock, that pile of books and magazines.

But maybe not for long.

The night table is shrinking. One model, the Diva, is a sleek, pared-down twist on a traditional nightstand. But it has a handy USB port.

“Nobody needs an alarm clock anymore,” says James Nauyok,whose California furniture showroom offers the snazzy new night table. “It’s on your phone.”

And that old pile of books? They’re in your e-reader, he says. How about the lamp? Rooms these days have built-in task lighting.

You get the picture.

1. Baths
2. Bedroom furniture
3. Floors
4. Kitchens
5. Hot colors
6. Upholstery and fabrics
7. Indoor/outdoor furniture
8. Midcentury modern
9. Metallics
10. Heirloom pieces

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