10 Must-do Repairs Before Selling

Preparing to sell your home?  Maybe this list of repairs will help you get started.  These are common repair issues with nearly every home – and if you take care of them early, you’ll be ahead of the competition.

Most of the items in the article will take very little time and money but will have big pay-offs in the end.  Get to work!

When you put a home up for sale these days, you’re facing stiff competition. In most parts of the country, buyers are faced with huge numbers of homes for sale. Before asking strangers to trade hundreds of thousands of their hard-earned dollars for your little palace, make all the little repairs you’ve always meant to do but never had the time for.

These 10 basic repairs will help prepare your house for a buyer’s white-glove inspection:

1. Repair sagging screen doors and other entry red flags.
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2. Spiff up the roof.
3. Clear and caulk gutters.
4. Patch nail holes and repaint.
5. Divorce your smoker and ship kitty to Siberia.
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6. Replace damaged vinyl flooring.
7. Reseal the toilet.
8. Stop faucet drips.
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9. Renew dinged baseboards.
10. Repair cabinet scratches.


Open House Marketing: 4 Things Sellers Should Avoid

Even though everyday homeowners and their agents have upped the ante on hospitality, the focus of the most successful open houses is still the same: showcasing the house to the right population of prospective buyers and staging your house to sell. Sometimes, to keep the right focus and successful sale of your house, its best to eliminate the things we shouldn’t do. A sellers place at an open house is elsewhere.

1. DON’T attend or pretend.
2. DON’T create distractions vs. attractions.
3. DON’T complicate buyers’ access to the property.
4. DON’T neglect the neighbors.